SoDat – Competence with System
Dr. Sommer’s technical and commercial software solutions are state of the art in materials engineering, steel and heat treatment.

Heat Treatment Database

One of the outstanding features of steel is the ability to set very different properties using specific heat treatments. We have developed a material database that meets the special requirements of operational heat treatment. StahlWissen® provides comprehensive information for heat treaters, materials engineers, designers, and interested parties from the fields of quality assurance, standardization and materials purchasing and sales in the industry, science, education, and business.

Time-temperature conversion diagrams – calculated cooling curves – quenchants database – flexibly expandable with your own data and documents

CaseHardening Calculation

Case hardening is one of the classic thermochemical heat treatments. Despite a great deal of practical experience, new tasks and questions arise time and again. The program Case Hardening provides the comprehensive solution.


The microstructure atlas is an independent program for the management and presentation of microstructure images of steels in different heat treatment states. The program can also be integrated as a module into the StahlWissen® Heat Treatment Database. (StahlWissen®)

Hardenability Calculation

The program simulates tt diagrams and strength values for individual analyses, dimensions, and heat treatments, taking into account concrete melt analyses, real component dimensions, and existing heat treatment facilities.


The HärtereiKaufmann order management system supports the administrative and commercial work for all orders in a job hardening shop. The program guides the operator logically from goods receipt, order entry, and the internal work accompanying card to the delivery bill, goods issue, and invoice. The easy-to-understand and comprehensive price determination system suggest process- or part-related prices directly during order entry.

Microstructure Training

This program teaches and trains the ability to recognize and evaluate the most varied structural states of many common steels. The conclusions drawn from these evaluations support the daily work. One will quickly recognize strengths in the assessment of microstructures and improve weaknesses in continuous training in a targeted manner.

Hardy V

is a program for the standard-compliant conversion of hardness values according to the current DIN EN ISO 18265: According to this, hardness values from different hardness testing methods can be converted among each other and tensile strengths can be converted material- and process-specifically.


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