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Your accredited test laboratory for failure analysis and materials testing for over 30 years

Failure Analysis

determination of root cause failure,

preparation of an expert opinion

Mechanical Sampling

preparation of various samples, cross sections

Scanning Electron Microscopy

fracture surface evaluation,
roughness measurement


grain size determination, purity degree evaluation, fracture surface evaluation,

Contract Sawing

up to 65 HRC ,
1000 mm height and 6 tons

Hardness Testing

hardness testing acc. to Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell, determination of hardness profiles

Tensile Test

flat tensile tests from -70 to 1200°C, round tensile tests from
-70 to 1200°C, compression tests

Compression and Bending Test

compression test, bulging test, cylinder bulging test, 2-, 3- and 4-point bending test

Notched Bar Impact Test

certified testing facilities
up to 700 J and
from -196°C to 650°C

Residual Stress Measurement

x-ray methodology
with the latest hard- and software

Phase Analysis

retained austenite, Rietveld analysis
compound layers

Material Analysis

spectrometry and special processes for hydrogen, carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen

Non-destructive Materials Testing

ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing
dye penetrant testing

Measurement of Quenchants

determination of the temperature-dependent
heat transfer coefficients

Heat Treatment

Jominy tests,
heat treatments within laboratory scale


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