Microstructure Training
Learn and train with our Microstructure Training program the ability to recognize and evaluate the different microstructure states of common steels!

Microstructure Training

The basic version of the Microstructure Training program contains the catalogs “microstructure in the near-equilibrium state”, “heat-treatable microstructure”, “Castings”, “Microstructure of inductively hardened components” and “Microstructure after case hardening and tempering” with approx. 200 high-resolution microstructure images. This program teaches and trains the ability to recognize and evaluate the different microstructural states of many common steels. The conclusions drawn from these evaluations support the daily work. One will quickly recognize strengths in the assessment of microstructures and improve weaknesses in continuous training in a targeted manner. The learning program is excellently suited for internal training and continuous training in microstructure evaluation.



Range of Service:
  • Image-specific questions with predefined answers (multiple choice)
  • Detailed explanation of the illustrations after the answer
  • Individual user settings, such as number of images per learning session and possible response times
  • Teacher mode for training


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