Heat Treatment

The material steel is characterized by its heat treatability. For mechanical processing a soft condition is set and for the serviceability condition sufficient strength and wear resistance is required. By heat treatment, the hardness of a single material can be changed by a factor of 4.

Heat Treatment

The spectrum of possible heat treatments is enormous. The steel products are subjected to heat treatment as early as during the production of the starting material. After the mechanical production, the heat treatment is then carried out for the service condition. Within the framework of an investigation, we can simulate numerous heat treatment processes on a laboratory scale.


Laboratory Furnace

For the experimental determination of the hardenability of materials we carry out Jominy tests in our laboratory. For basic heat treatments, our pilot plant also has a program-controlled laboratory furnace with temperatures of up to 1200°C.


Tube Furnace

In a hinged tube furnace, annealing can also be performed under inert protective gas (forming gas, nitrogen, argon) in the temperature range up to 1100°C.



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