Metallography can be used to describe metallic structures in materials qualitatively and quantitatively. Correlations between chemical composition, heat treatment and production and the resulting microstructure in the component can be clearly shown.


Macroscopic evaluation is the first step in systematic metallography. This evaluation provides a first detailed view of the component to be examined and at the same time ensures that fine details are not overlooked due to the low magnification.


Hot or cold embedded samples are evaluated by light microscopy after polishing in the unetched and etched state. Microscopic examinations like

  • Purity ratings
  • Grain size determination
  • Microstructures Analyses
  • Graphite formation

are carried out according to all current testing standards. State-of-the-art digital technology for microstructure documentation guarantees razor-sharp color photos, which we also provide as data files on request.


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