Heat Treatment Database®, Hardenability and MetalloRom 2018

The actual versions of Heat Treatment Database, Hardenability and MetalloRom have been finalized.
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Microstructure atlas MetalloROM

The microstructure CD-ROM with all light-microscopy images and explanations from De Ferri Metallographia, Volume II" by the publishing house Stahleisen, Düsseldorf.

Already for some years MetalloROM can be linked as a module to Heat Treatment Database. As of version 2015 MetalloRom satisfies with an easier and generally revised application interface for the editing and adding of own data and own microstructure photos.

  • Magnifying glass function for relevant parts
  • Brightness, contrast and gamma can be adjusted
  • More than 2000 figures
  • New combined search for materials when using Heat Treatment Database at the same time
  • Works with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 based on current database components
  • Imported microstructure images can be extended with graphic elements to emphasize or explain importand parts of these images
  • The handling was adjusted to Heat Treatment Database
  • Overall search when using Heat Treatment Database at the same time
  • Several searches in parallel tabs
  • Individual screen adaption
Normal structure
Normal structure
Figure browser
Figure browser
Calibrate the scale
Calibrate the scale
Measuring distances
Measuring distances

Brief description

  • Basic microstructure with explanations and metallurgical principles
  • Microstructure of delivery states with specification of mechanical properties
  • Microstructure after heat treatment with explanations on implementation
  • Microstructure from damage cases with detailed information

Typical functions

  • Microstructure recallable by material or material state
  • Print-out of data sheets with all required specifications
  • All graphic files are exportable to other programs
  • Users own microstructure images or other graphic files can be imported

System requirements

  • Windows Vista*, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or
  • equivalent server versions (Windows Server 2008 - Windows Server 2016)
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 (FHD)
  • Other hardware requirements meet the operating system recommended requirements
  • For a network version, it is recommended to install the server on a server operating system
  • Internet access is required for a trial version

* An installation on Windows Vista is technically possible but not supported. Further updates are impossible.

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