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Case Hardening - computer simulation

Software to simulate a heat treatment process.

Carburizing + Case hardening + Tempering

Brief description

  • Navigation und Übersicht
  • Eingabe von Bauteil- und Werkstoffdaten, Prozessdaten, Wärmebehandlungsschritten
  • Grafische Darstellung während der Eingabe der Wärmebehandlungsschritte
  • Prozessverlauf mit allen relevanten Daten als Grafik
  • Kohlenstoff-Profil und Härteverlauf als Grafik
  • Prozessverlauf und Kohlenstoffprofil können auch als Animation ausgegeben werden...

Case hardening is one of the classic methods of boundary layer hardening. In spite of vast experience, new tasks and problems keep arising.

CaseHardening offers a complete solution in this field. The new designed user interface in version 2014 guarantees an easier handling than ever before. Chemical compositions are available for the most common steels and can be modified for own calculations. The graphical preview during the entering of the heat treatment process visualizes all entries just in time and minimizes failures.

The program CaseHardening offers the following features:

  • allocation of optimal process parameters for a required CHD
  • optimization of processing times
  • calculation of C-profile
  • calculation of hardness curve after quenching
  • calculation of hardness curve after tempering

The program takes into consideration:

  • the current chemical analysis
  • the composition of the carrier gas
  • the individual process control
  • the component geometry and dimensions
  • the applied quenching medium
  • the annealing temperature and time

The combined view of the development of parameters and C-profile shows every minute of the finished process. For demonstration this graphical view can be replayed as a “movie” to illustrate the correlation between process parameters and the development of the C-profile.

System requirements

  • Windows Vista*, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or
  • equivalent server versions (Windows Server 2008 - Windows Server 2016)
  • Recommended screen resolution: 1920x1080 (FHD)
  • Further hardware requirements acc. to recommended operating system
  • Using a network version, it is recommended to install the server on a server operating system
  • Using a test version an internet access is required

* Installation on Windows Vista is technically possible but not supported. Further updates are excluded.

Prices and order information

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