Heat Treatment Database®, Hardenability and MetalloRom 2018

The actual versions of Heat Treatment Database, Hardenability and MetalloRom have been finalized.
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Heat Treatment Market

Contract Management with Heat Treatment Manager
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Your contacts in our institute

Executive director: Dr.-Ing. Peter Sommer
Phone: +49(0)2835-9606-14, E-Mail: ps@werkstofftechnik.com

Executive director: Jens Sommer, B.Eng.
Phone: +49(0)2835-9606-618, E-Mail: js@werkstofftechnik.com

Executive director: Philipp Sommer, M.Sc.
Phone: +49(0)2835-9606-17, E-Mail: phs@werkstofftechnik.com

Division manager Purchase + Sales: Gabriela Sommer
Phone: +49(0)2835-9606-11, E-Mail: gs@werkstofftechnik.com

Executive assistant + Quality Management Representative: Dipl.-Verw.-wirt Klaus-Peter Eschert
Phone: +49(0)2835-9606-15, E-Mail: ke@werkstofftechnik.com

Branch Düsseldorf: Hans Küpper
Phone: +49(0)211-53704-70, E-Mail: hk@werkstofftechnik.com

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Hellenthalstraße 2, 47661 Issum-Sevelen, Germany